Freedom Toaster

The freedom toaster is a self contained kiosk that will burn any one of the Free Software distributions it houses onto user supplied optical media.

The freedom toaster serves as an easy way to distribute free software(mainly GNU/Linux distributions). Such a dispensing mechanism is highly relevant in a country like India where unlimited broadband internet is not exactly cheap, whereas the chief source of free software remains the internet. The freedom toaster intends to bridge that gap and thus make free and open source software easily accessible to the public, minimal human intervention being an added advantage.

The freedom toaster houses more than 50 GNU/Linux distributions and BSD Unix's. The user interacts with the freedom toaster using just 6 buttons. Thus barely minimal computer knowledge is required to leverage the facilities provided by the freedom toaster. This freedom toaster was inspired by the original freedom toaster(s) created by the Shuttleworth Foundation and was realised jointly by Zyxware Technologies and the GNU/Linux Users Group, Trivandrum.